Latest SEO Techniques 2017


Hello SEO Experts are you aware of New SEO techniques in 2017 as of the new hummingbird algorithm declared by Google? Here find the easy steps for better understanding. Before go to the direct article observe the below things first. What do you think about the today’s web design and technology?

Your current website layout looks catching design? If yes what are the technologies has applied in the development. Be ensuring your user experience design should catchy and your code must follow the coding standards along with w3c standards. If your answer is no, please check with w3c standards for html and proceed. A viewer never worries about the server side coding and everyone just look up the design first. So give the importance to your page designs and place the sub links properly. Before you will go to the SEO integration of your blog or website, coding standards and design is the primary concern for good results.

What is your HTML version?

Still many developers have been using Html 4.0, 4.1 or XHTML for design the pages but HTML 5 came a year back and all the browsers are updated with HTML 5 tags and CSS3. All the existing websites are need to convert in to HTML 5 with Bootstrap templates which the technology was introduced by twitter earlier. Mobile viewers now augmented widely accordingly your pages should become a responsive approach so that your application will bring more laurels at your hands. In Html 5 there are many advantages for the developers to design a quick webpage with predefined tags. So feel the significance of the design technology and necessity use the latest adaptation in your code style is value added.

What is Bootstrap Framework?

Twitter bootstrap are now occupied in to the web design industry and it was a free collection of tools for creating responsive websites and web based applications. This framework contains some pre defined html 5 tags with few default CSS3 and JavaScript code. Bootstrap is an open source JavaScript framework developed by the twitter group. This is a front end toolkit for rapidly developing websites.

If you download the Bootstrap open source files from twitter website you can get the following files,

CSS Files: bootstrap.css, bootstrap.min.css, bootstrapresponsive.css, bootstrap-responsive.min.css
JS Files: bootstrap.js, bootstrap.min.js
Image Files: glyphicons-halflings.png, glyphicons-halflings-white.png

Use these default files and start your campaign you can find more fun.

Personally I thank to twitter team for provide such an excellent framework. So my recommendation is to readers you can start the website development with bootstrap provide more performance and upper hand to your application. Bootstrap pages are happy pages. Don’t misery about the mobile website by virtue of the responsive templates are enough.

SEO Techniques 2017

In 2014 SEO the important factor is Mobile SEO. Mobile SEO is coming more important for 2014 due to the enormous range of usage and smart phone arrivals over the world. Your website is not able to view in mobiles you have trouble in the organic search results in 2017. Few months back BBC news reported that facebook has declared 60% surge in revenue in the third quarter, it seems that the users are mostly used their mobile devices more than their system or laptops. So, your application is not converted in to responsive, you have lost the battle on SEO in 2017.

Connecting Social Networks is a Key

Social networks will play the vital role in 2014 for SEO compared with 2013 and existing Google algorithms. You may create Google+ account for your website or blog and integrate the code to your each article pages will give more beneficiaries to your page in organic search results. In addition place facebook, twitter, LinkedIn count and share buttons in each page is mandatory. Now a day’s people are entering in to web they will first hit the social accounts and then only considered the secondary things like mails, news and subject oriented. Google does not encourage and concern the likes and counts in your pages but Google likes the more traffic websites. So the way of getting more traffic social integration is one of the ways that’s all.

Follow Coding Standards

In view part should impress your audience such as simple clicks. Taking an example doesn’t provide combo box data for loading the table instead of you can apply Ajax technology. Combo box data will take some time to loading the data even your Internet connection was ok. Your server side coding technology should be proper and bring keen data’s from the tables provide much honor to your application. Most of the web pages getting 80% to 100% of bouncing rate due to take much time for loading the page when the user in busy mood while searching the data. Everyone now hesitate to waiting for loading the page even it will take 1 to 2 minutes. Within 50 seconds your page should come to the display is mandatory point while developing your code mind it otherwise people can skip your page suddenly.

Content is a Hero to the Robots

This is an old slogan told by many SEO experts to provide unique contents in your page but still many of them ignored this rule and avoided by the search engines. Your content should impress the user while reading and they must thinking yes this is what I am expecting. Once satisfied the audience with your content they definitely share the page or like the page through any of one social network. Additionally adding sample diagrams or photographs are value added to your page but don’t forget to give proper description in ALT tags.

Checking points

Please answer the following questions? Did you submit sitemap.xml to Google Webmaster Tools? Did you add robots.txt file? Signed with Google Analytics and monitor your website impression regularly? Do you have a about us, copyright page, contact page in your website? If no any of the above questions please do it immediately.

Boost the traffic

Traffic is the most important factor so that your website recognized by the search engines and additionally if you want to place the Google Ads in your website this is a major point considered by Google for approving Google Ad sense to your website. Google ad sense approval is not an easy find the easy ad sense approval tips and win. Think how to gain the traffic? Think the scope of your website? What is scope significance here? Answer one simple question? Who is the audience for your website or blog? Viewers from your city people? or Viewers are from your state people? Then visitors are from your country people? If you have a unique audience from the entire world? Your answer is the scope of your website. Yes! Develop your application for large number of people is such a good idea so that you can reach more customers and gain the frequent impressions from various countries. Simultaneously keep on update your contents and put P3P xml file for the purpose of copyright.

SEO Steps

1. File Name

File Name Once you have decided to start the smart SEO in your page or website, let first you think about the pertinent file names for each page and your entire website besides. Do vigilantly select the file names are relevant and meaningful and should relate to the targeting keyword. Your targeting keyword, heading of the page, content should reflect to the given file name. If possible apply URL rewriter and remove the file extensions is a smart work.

URL Re writer example:

Do not use underscores in the file name instead of that you may use hyphens for better results. Spider has treat hyphens as space but do not add more than three hyphens in the file name. If you add more hyphens on your page, then the page may went for spam list by the robots. Most of the articles suggesting us the length of the file name should not exceed 255 characters, but in my experience 255 is too large and 50 to 75 character length is more enough.

File Name Example:


2. Title

Choose the related title tags of your page and should not exceed 70 characters as per the SEO law. Your page title should not duplicate with other pages and always offer unique.

3. Meta Description

Your description is a key for creating more curiosity for the viewers in the Google search results. Hence you present the exact summary in the description area, and it should reflect the actual page contents is glory. Do not exceed more than 155 characters because robots are only show two lines in the search lists.

Example: SEO techniques for meta description with example

4.Meta Keywords

Probably Google skip the keywords tag and Yahoo and Bing search engines are listening. Repeated keywords with different solutions are wonder. In this example SEO is the primary keyword and following topics are usually searched by the visitors often.
Example: seo steps,new seo techniques,what is seo?


Content is the heart of SEO and make sure your presenting content is possession in your throughout website or blogs. Don’t take even single line from any other websites or copyrighted contents that is violable as per the Google bylaw. Informative contents and articles are always welcomed by the search engines in all the times and this is an only way to beat the competitors during the traffic. If you’re blog articles will reach in to the spectators globally and your website can get the PR rank from the Google. Do not invite online content writers that are not trustful. Give more importance to your contents out of all the SEO steps.

6.Image SEO

Optimize your images and give proper description in the ALT tags. High resolution images are taking much time for loading the page. Avoid placing more images in your pages. Use hyphens between image names instead of underscores. Store your images in separate folders in the context as a replacement for of root directory.

7.Folder Structure

Your context should blueprint in a proper way of file structure and should not surpass more than 35 files in the same directory. Cross out unused files from the context is good job. Keep your images in a separate folder as well as video files. Create sitemap.xml and move in to your web context. It will help to index the files by Google.

8.Link Building

You are a familiar person for your blog and inclusive of all pages. But think about the new visitor? She/he is not fame of your website and the visitor doesn’t know the all the pages which are included in your website. So show the right path through your nice link building is marvel. Google smiles if you are a very good engineer for building your website or blog.

9.Google+ Integration

Sign up with Google+ and place Google Plus like button in your all the articles page. Extend your followers circles through your personal Google Plus account.

10.Avoid Broken Links

Remove broken links in your website immediately that’s is very bad rating for your website even if you have very good pages and getting regular impressions regularly. 404 errors is peril for the search engine results.

11.External Links

Append external web links in your content page but ensure the calling website links provide rich data and useful information to the users. Use target=”_blank” attribute in the anchor tag and keep your page still appear in the browsers otherwise user will leave your page quickly.

12.Add robots.txt file

Create robots.txt file and append in to your website root directory for spiders can easily crawling your website with freedom. Some scenario servers cannot permit the robots due to firewall restrictions or some internet security.

13.Do not apply direct CSS

Keep away the CSS code in a separate CSS folder and do not place directly in any of the page location.

14.Verify Site Ownership – webmaster tools

Just hand shake with Google Webmaster Tools for verifying the site ownership.

15.Hosting and Bandwidth

Hosting your website with 24/7 supporting companies and monitor your storage status and bandwidth status regularly. Some websites are through bandwidth exceed errors when reaching.

16.HTML Ratio – 2000 Characters

What is the HTML ratio and content ratio in your page? Compare both ratios and your content must win against the html code count. Your article should more than 2000 characters for giving better results.

17.Check with W3C Validation

After completing your website check the page URL by using W3C Validator and corrected the errors which was suggested by the validator.

18.Create .htaccess.txt file for compression

You just create a htaccess.txt file in your website cpanel context and place the Tomcat Server compression code for compressing your all the CSS and JS files. This effort will bring immediate better results for your websites loading fast. Spiders always welcome fast loading websites and list them while searching. Good Luck.


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